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My Roots

I began in the industry working with my dad somewhat reluctantly during school holidays to earn my keep. But after choosing Plumbing and heating as the career for me, I was fortunate enough to work for a company that had projects across the South of England, in both the commercial and Domestic arenas.

After settling down in London in 2002, I confidently now offer to you a breadth of skills and knowledge that the 25+ years of ‘on the tools’ experience has given me as well as many capable friends.

We endeavour to constantly strive for improvement.

Aligning a respect for nature with quality craftsmanship, we can make a positive contribution with a lighter touch on the world.

It’s time to break the mould with Element 5 Energy craft.

Tendering - The Element 5 Way

The common tendering process does not work…

To provide up-front costs is understandable; to keep within budget….all sounds fine.

However, to know everything about a project at the outset is almost impossible.

We have found some specifications are underdeveloped which means the ability for contractors to provide comparable quotes is slim anyway and specialists tendering have limited ability to respond creatively. Usually there several contractors trying to win by cutting costs, which ultimately leaves the client with sub-standard workmanship.

This is counter-productive.

At Element 5 we dare to stand up and say there is a better way!

Our only focus is on collaborative ways of working with our clients and tradesmen so that designs and installations that are coherent and considered.

We and deliver with processes and on-going feedback, ensuring the finish product is not compromised.

We prize the benefits of a small team, so that we learn to adapt to your needs as they arise with regular progress reviews, to identify and resolve potential issues early on and giving flexibility in design.

With initial consultation we will break down the scope of works and estimate each stage, a upfront cost for initial consultation and designs that 50% of which the you will be able to deduct from the final Invoice on completion.

So we are getting paid to listen design and install then you will get the 50% design fees back, we do this so we have an involvement from start to finish.

Your job is our baby.

Our Future

"Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts."

Ray French, Charlotte Rayner, Gary Rees, Sally Rumbles, et al. Organizational Behaviour (2008)

We are passionate about collaborative projects that make a difference and spark change.

We have a long history of working on passive housing, new builds, self-build developments and community projects.

Working alongside clients, builders and architects, at Element 5 we supply systems that are:

  • Reliable

  • Efficient

  • Easy to use